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People become Christ followers because they are invited to meet Jesus Christ.  At the moment we invite them through the following activities:

Simply Christianity

The first Phase is by attending a short six week course called Simply Christianity that allows participants to explore who Jesus is, in a relaxed and friendly environment.  It deals with many of the intellectual questions that arise in discussions on the Christian Faith.  The course is offered at various times throughout the year, and is conducted either in a small group environment or on a one-on-one basis as needed.

Participants in Simply Christianity are supplied with a guest manual, a short and readable book, which guides them through reading the book of Luke (which is one of the four books of the bible that records details of Jesus’ life).  The manual also contains background information and a commentary by historian John Dickson.

The course involves six sessions:

  1.         Jesus, Now and Then
  2.         In the Presence of Greatness: The Gospel of Luke, Chapters 1 – 9
  3.         Search and Rescue: The Gospel of Luke, Chapters 10 – 19
  4.         Jesus’ Death: The Gospel of Luke, Chapters 20 – 23
  5.         Jesus, Here and Now: The Gospel of Luke, Chapter 24
  6.         Simply Christianity Break-up

If you would like to join us for Simply Christianity, we’d love to have you!  Please contact the TGAC team on 3300 1502 to register.

Back to Basics

Phase 2 is a short series of Bible stories called Back to Basics that help new Christians (or longer term ones who want a refresher!) to understand what is means to follow Jesus.  By looking at key passages in the Bible, it not only helps participants learn how to use their bibles, but also give them an introduction to the basics of the Christian faith.  It is an ideal follow up to Simply Christianity.

The course covers:

  1.         What it means to be Saved by God
  2.         What it means to Trust in God
  3.         What is means to Live God’s Way
  4.         How we Listen to God
  5.         How we Talk to God
  6.         Why we Meet with God’s Family
  7.         What it means to Meet the World as a Christian

If you would like to join us for Back to Basics, we’d love to have you! Please contact the TGAC team on 3300 1502 to register.

Simply Christianity and Back to Basics are lead-in courses for our Parish wide Growth Group Program.

Introduction to Growth Groups

This is a course that helps people feel confident in a growth group and covers the study course of Simply Christianity in which we meet with the Jesus of the Bible in the Gospel of Luke.  Many who do this course see a side of the Christian faith they were not aware of previously and this leads to a deepening awareness of Christ in their lives.

Baptism Preparation

Those who come to have their children baptized are encouraged to do the five weeks Simply Christianity course and are invited to make an appropriate response to Christ.

Support for mission work beyond the parish

The work of inviting people to become Christ followers is not restricted to us.  God’s vision is that the earth will be filled with the knowledge of his glory.  Therefore our prayer, encouragement and financial support for others involved in the ministry of introducing people to Jesus Christ in our community, nation and internationally is an important part of our ministry.  This is evidenced by our support to School Chaplaincy, CMS, Interserve and other mission agencies.