We Pray

Scripture tells us to "pray without ceasing" (1 Thess. 5:17).  At TGAC, intercession is an indispensable part of both our support and our ministry.

We are aware from the example of Jesus that prayer is a key element in the effectiveness of what we do in His name in ministry.

Our Parish prayer ministry seeks to encourage members of the parish to pray individually and together as a parish.  The prayer ministry seeks to do this by providing information on points of thanksgiving and prayer needs of the parish and individuals through a weekly prayer list sent out by email to any parish members who request it.

We have various opportunities for prayer that are organised throughout the week, a prayer chain facility for serious issues can be activated at short notice, a Connect Card system for sharing prayer and praise points throughout the wider parish to involve as many as possible in our parish prayer life.

The highlight for the year is our Parish Prayer Day, held in conjunction with our Ministry Fair and Commitment Sunday in October, when parishioners gathered to pray for parish needs on a Saturday morning.

In 2016 we will also hold a prayer hour for the parish on the 5th Sunday of the month in May, July and September.

If you wish us to pray about something for you or with you, please contact the TGAC team on 3300 1502 or come to one of our worship services and fill out a Praise / Prayer Request card and hand it in during the offering.