We Minister

We minister to each other by caring for each other and through training that equips us to better serve Jesus Christ and each other.

Care Ministries

Caring is a vital ministry as people facing significant challenges often turn to their church for support and encouragement.  Moreover, faith is increasingly meaningful when people are encountering difficult life circumstances.

Care Net

The aim of the Care Net ministry is to strengthen the ties between members of the congregation and to provide an avenue for appropriate spiritual, emotional, and practical care when necessary.

Care Team

The Care team aims to provide spiritual, emotional and practical care to our parish members.  An annual Remembrance Service is also held for anyone in the community who wishes to remember the passing of loved ones. We provide chaplaincy support to the Greenslopes Private Hospital once a month and to the Wesley Hospital one day a week.   We also endeavour to provide practical emergency assistance such as transport to medical appointments and emergency meals where required.

Christian Meditation Group

This group meets weekly to share a time of learning, seeking to deepen our prayer life and love and closeness to God and to encourage each other.

The Discipleship Ministry

This consists of small single-gender groups undertaking a life-on-life approach of discipleship utilising a process of information and formation leading to transformation.   The primary aim is to equip and empower participants to make more disciples who become disciple-makers.  These discipleship (or journey) groups are aimed at Christians who are mature in their faith and are committed to a spiritual development program and making disciples.

Training & Equipping Ministries

After three years of ministry Jesus was able to leave it all up to his disciples and the Holy Spirit to continue his mission.  He tells us to do the same, and we can if we rely on him.  We seek to have every person who makes up Christ’s body actively contributing to the life and health of his body by performing the ministry function they have been entrusted with.

We strive to do this by:

  • Teaching that all Christian people have a vital role to play in strengthening the body through using the spiritual gifts they have received from the Holy Spirit.
  • Helping them identify what area those spiritual gifts are and the particular functions they are equipped to play in the body, and train them in the area of their spiritual gifted-ness and support them as they find their feet in their ministry area.

Network Spiritual Gifts

This is a short course on spiritual gifts that looks at the place of spiritual gifts in the life of the church and helps individuals in community identify the mix of giftedness they have to serve the body of Christ.

Equipped to be a Caregiver

This course that is helpful for everyone who cares for others.  It is fundamental training for those on the Care Team as it provides a common base and culture for their ministry.

Growth Group Leader

This course aims to equip leaders with the vision, attitudes, knowledge and skills to initiate and lead a Growth Group.  The course will equip leaders to prepare Bible study materials, lead a Bible study group, lead in prayer time, and identify where a Christian is in their walk with Jesus Christ so they can be supported with appropriate materials and encouragement.

Discipleship Leader

This training is conducted through a series of workshop led by Perimeter Church.  This course equips those who lead the Journey Groups.

Global Leadership Summit

The annual summit is sponsored by Willow Creek Church in Chicago and is a truly Global Leadership Summit that is held in numerous venues throughout the world.  The speakers are leading authorities in their field and bring to the conference stimulating and insightful ideas on leadership, communication, and organizational health.

Professional/Relational Development for Executive and Parish Council

This training is akin to pausing to sharpen the saw.  It may be considered unproductive time and tiresome work but more is produced with less effort in the long run.  The Executive and Parish Council receive training designed to empower them and ensure that they are able to work as an effective and efficient team.