Our Mission

Our mission is to do the gospel work of producing other Christians (Christ followers) who will in turn be able to produce Christ followers themselves.

We observe five components of Jesus mission strategy; prayer, sharing his life with his close followers and inviting them to follow him, ministering to them and consolidating their faith by teaching and example, training them for the mission, and then sending his followers out to replicate what he had done.  This is a methodology that works and transformed the world and which we need to rediscover.

·         We pray before we do anything because we can only achieve success with God's help

·         We share our lives with others through intentional relationships and invite them to follow Jesus by sharing the good news about forgiveness and new life in Christ.

·         We connect these new disciples to Jesus Christ, establishing them in their faith, connecting them to fellow Christians in small groups and into the life of the church.

·         We minister to them and train and equip them for ministry in Christ’s service.

·         We disciple others and then release them to make more disciple makers.