Growth Groups

Our weekly Growth Groups, people in small groups learning about faith together, is the central plank of our growth in faith activities.  Over half of our congregation are members of Growth Groups.  Never been in a Growth Group before! No worries. We have a special course for you - Introduction to Growth Groups that starts at a very basic level.

Whether you are new to TGAC, to the Christian faith, or have been a long term member of the Church, we would love to help you grow as a follower of Jesus.  Talk to one of the staff members after our Sunday services or contact the office to find out more about our courses.

Please contact Desley, Reverend Ken or the Parish Office for more details.

Welcome to The Kingdom, The Kingdom of God!

Becoming a Christian is very much like moving from one culture to another.  It can be confronting and you may find things very different in The Kingdom to the world that you have left behind.

Often, you will have to make adjustments but you will find that the effort in doing so is worth it.

The Kingdom is based upon a monarchy, our King is sovereign and following our laws is essential to having good relations with Him and with each other.

Our laws, language, beliefs, our social values and our behaviours are all based upon The Bible and all citizens of The Kingdom are called to read it regularly.

You’ll find that this can be difficult at times but we all desire to please Our King and don’t see them as a burden.

In the coming weeks we are offering a series of Immigration Briefing sessions for The Kingdom where the following topics will be covered:

  1. Understanding the values of The Kingdom
  2. How influence is created
  3. How to live the “good life”
  4. How you practice your religion
  5. How to live a life free of worry
  6. How to live in harmony with other people
  7. How to have a good relationship with our King

These topics have been drawn from one of the leading authorities on how to live in The Kingdom, Matthew the Tax Collector.   Matthew wrote down what our King taught on these topics when the Kingdom was established.

So, we welcome you and encourage you to embrace the culture of The Kingdom.  Please sign up to attend the Briefing Sessions to ensure a smooth transition and to benefit from the many blessings The Kingdom has to offer.

We look forward to you all joining us for these sessions in the very near future.