About TGAC

Who are we...

TGAC is not about an individual person be it clergy or individual member.  Nor is it about an institution.  Rather it is a team of people who are devoted followers of Jesus Christ who work together to share his love with the world.

We like to describe ourselves as a group of people who are ...

Compelled by love, working together to build God's world a person at a time.

About us... 

We exist to invite people to meet Jesus Christ, work to establish them in a sound relationship with him and, and train them to invite and establish others in a relationship with him also.

Twenty-first century life is busy and demanding.  With the urgent demands that confront us day by day we rarely get a chance to ask, what is the meaning of it all?

Christians believe that we are created for a purpose, and that purpose is to have a deep and abiding friendship with God.  This friendship is especially precious as it has been restored through God the Son, Jesus Christ.  Through becoming human, living a sinless earthly life, dying in our place, and being raised back to life, he brought about a means of reconciliation whereby we can have friendship once again with God.  It is in this friendship that we experience completeness, purpose and meaning. 

What we do…

Like many churches, we Anglicans in The Gap seek to follow Jesus in the way we live and in what we do.  In short we desire to be Christ’s people and do the work he has prepared for us to do.

In many different situations, Jesus Christ went about doing the work of calling people to come to faith in God.  The way that resonates with us, is in the invitation he extended to the fishermen "Come follow me and I will make you fishers of people."

From his example we build our model of doing church on three important activities.

Inviting people to become Christ followers:

Jesus invited people from many different social, moral and religious strata of first century society to become his followers. Many took up the invitation and many also rejected it. We continue in the 21st century to introduce people to Jesus so that they may make a decision about following him also.

Establishing them in their trust in Jesus Christ:

People who respond to the invitation to come to Jesus desire to understand what it means to be a genuine follower of Jesus as his original disciple were.  As a seedling is nurtured into a robust sapling through appropriate care, so through bible teaching, growth groups, worship services and serving others, we direct our efforts to establish people in the faith of Jesus.

Training them to invite and establish others in a trust relationship with Jesus Christ:

Jesus called people to be his followers for a purpose, to be a fisher of people.  To be a follower of Jesus is to follow him also in making other Christ followers, offering his invitation to others to come to him.  This is the third key area of our church activities; training people so they are able to pass on the invitation to others to come to Jesus.  They can do this by sensitively offering Jesus invitation to their family, friends and associates so that they may become effective Christ followers also.  This is all done in an atmosphere immersed in prayer.

On all such occasions when Jesus was inviting, training, and sending out to invite others, he prayed.  Prayer is the critical component for this activity to be effective.  If Jesus saw prayer as critical in his ministry, how much more must it play a role in our ministry as mere humans?

We invite you to join us in this eternal venture!