"Thy Kingdom Come" Prayer Festival

Thurs 25 May – Sun 4 June, 2017

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, is inviting Christians around the world to pray as one, for people to know Jesus Christ.

Between 25th May and 4 June (Ascension to Pentecost), communities and churches around the world are gathering together to pray that their friends, families and neighbours come to know Jesus Christ. Cathedrals, churches and other venues will host events, gathering people across towns and cities to worship and to pray for the empowering of the Holy Spirit for effective witness.

Come join with us in this global wave of prayer and pray “Thy Kingdom Come”, shining Christ’s light in our own streets and community as we expectantly await the movement of God’s Spirit.

Festival Diary

Thurs 25th May  7:00am Daily Office and prayer
                           9:30am Daily Office and prayer

Fri 26th May       7:00am Daily Office and prayer
                           9:30am Daily Office and prayer

Sat 27th May      9:30am Daily Office and prayer

Sun 28th May     Usual Services

Mon 29th May    7:00am Daily Office and prayer
                           9:30am Daily Office and prayer

Tues 30th May   7:00am Daily Office and prayer
                           9:30am Daily Office and prayer

Wed 31st May    7:00am Daily Office and prayer
                           9:30am Usual Service

Thurs 1st June   7:00am Daily Office and prayer
                           9:30am Daily Office and prayer

Fri 2nd June       7:00am Daily Office and prayer
                           9:30am Daily Office and prayer

Sat 3rd June      9:30am Daily Office and prayer

Sun 4th June     8:30 am Combined Service – Pentecost / Beautiful Feet Sunday

Sun 11th June    Usual Services – opportunity to share your prayer experiences

Festival Opportunities

We will have a number of different prayer opportunities on offer during the Festival, including structured corporate prayer at specific times, unstructured prayer for 2 or 3 in your own timeframe, family prayer resources and personal devotionals. There is something for everyone.

Daily Office and Prayer
There will be opportunity for daily prayer in the church each weekday of the 9 days, at both 7:00 am for the early birds and 9:30 am for those wanting a more leisurely start and 9:30 am on Saturday. These will be a short 20 – 30 minute session of Daily Office and Prayer. It would be great to have people meeting together and corporately praying for people to come to know Christ at each of these times. Come and add the names of your friends and family to the “Family Tree” for everyone to pray for. We would love to join praying for each other’s families and friends as you are available.

Prayer Tree
Write the names of your friends, family and neighbours, who do not yet know Jesus, on one of the “leaves” provided and add it to the “Family Tree.” Over the course of the Festival we can all pray for them.

Personal Devotional
Take a copy of the beautifully illustrated “Nine Days of Prayer” Personal Devotional to use in your own personal quiet time. (Cost $2)
Choose five friends and commit to praying for them regularly each day. Pick up a suggestion flyer for “60 Minutes of Prayer” – for the nation and praying through the Lord’s Prayer.

Prayer Walk
Buddy up with a friend and make a Prayer Walk at your convenience in your own neighbourhood, praying for those who live and work near you. Register to Pledge2Pray on the sign-up sheet and pick up a flyer with suggestions. If you would like to do this and need a buddy, let us know and we can pair you up with someone. Let’s see how much of our community we can cover in prayer – both The Gap and other communities where we live and work.

Family Prayer Resources
Pick up a “Kingdom Kit” leaflet crammed full of prayer ideas and activities to use with your children or grandchildren.