I would like to grow stronger in my faith in Jesus Christ

A key activity to strengthen trust in Jesus is through meeting together regularly with other Christians to praise God, pray, hear from His word and join together in the family meal of Holy Communion.


Our weekly worship services offer such an opportunity. The options can be found here.

Growth Groups

Our weekly Growth Groups, people in small groups learning about faith together, is the central plank of our growth in faith activities.  Over half of our congregation are members of Growth Groups.  Never been in a Growth Group before! No worries. We have a special course for you; Introduction to Growth Groups that starts at a very basic level.

Whether you are new to TGAC, to the Christian faith, or have been a long term member of the Church, we would love to help you grow as a follower of Jesus.  Talk to one of the staff members after our Sunday services or contact the office to find out more about our courses.

See here for information on our Growth Groups.

Please contact Parish Office on 3300 1502 for more details.